Nebula Rose Creations started off as a small hobby back in 2015 (formaly under the name of Glitter Me Pretty Gifts) until April 2020 when I took the plunge and decided to take my hobby full time and got everything rebranded to become what is now Nebula Rose!

I create a variety of items and I am always adding to my catalogue and skill set, but first and foremost my passion is creating gifts that people will love and cherish not just for the item but everything that comes with it, all the personal touches that I feel make the difference when it comes to purchasing either for yourself or friends and loved ones.

I love to hear from my customers with their own photos of their orders or about how the recipient loved their gift. It's moments like that, that full my passion for crafts and I want to give as much as I can to others in the way I know best....my creativity and the love that goes in to every single item I make.

I hope you enjoy your journey with Nebula Rose and be sure to favourite the store so you can see all the new items that I create each month :)

Lots of Love,

Tallie xxx